Small tips to make your visit more comfortable

A visit to a sex worker will be even more pleasant for both you and the worker if:

    • You are polite, respectful, relaxed and enjoy yourself.
    • You always use a condom and lube for all sexual contact. Do not ask for any form of unprotected sex.
    • Your body is fresh and clean. Don’t be offended if the worker does a quick health check, or asks you to shower.
    • First you both agree about what the service includes, and the price of it.
    • You are not out of it on drugs or alcohol.
    • You recognise that each worker has their own limits. As an example, some sex workers may not kiss on the mouth.
    • When a disagreement does arise, you remain reasonable. If you have good reason to be dissatisfied, calmly discuss it with the worker, or management.

Remember you are paying for a ladies time, not for the lady! She deserves nothing but respect!