Alongside printed material, X-rated video production echoed the social changes in the 20th and 21st centuries. Before the convenience of smartphones and on-demand streaming services, erotic recordings were subject to content and distribution regulations and depended on having access to the right playback equipment. For many teenagers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this meant creeping downstairs to use the VHS after curfew.


When the lights went down, the restrictions on TV content slackened. This presented the opportunity to run ads such as the infamous ‘Gone Wild’ commercials that encouraged viewers to pay for the full video or purchase a subscription. Despite being aimed at an adult-only audience, there were still considerable regulations about what was allowed to be aired.


As technologies like handheld video recorders enabled filmmakers to record content more easily, videos of erotic material grew in popularity. VHS was available to the average consumer and the convenience of enjoying adult entertainment from home meant producers could portray more explicit scenes than a film aimed at a general audience. Despite this, regulations imposed censorship requirements and limited distribution channels. 


The technological progress of the 1980s and ‘90s contributed to the booming popularity of erotic videos. VHS and camera technology were improving rapidly and the diversity of films available grew exponentially. Video rental stores, which are now a rarity in their own right, often dedicated a shelf to the XXX films. Exclusive adult-video-only rental stores opened as well to provide access to the huge variety of videos available. As the ‘90s rolled around, DVDs became the most popular platform for erotic material, offering better video quality and interactive menus to navigate through assorted media. Cable and satellite TV eventually relaxed their content restrictions and enabled pay-per-view adult films. The production and consumption of pornographic material became part of pop culture and erotic content brands became household names.

While still-image pornography remained popular, the rise of adult entertainment in the film industry was revolutionary. To go from taboo, printed images to on-demand TV meant a cultural acceptance of pornography in mainstream media. Even though DVDs are now considered outdated, X-rated content is frequently on the cutting edge of technological advances. This is true today, as artificial intelligence is being utilised in several fields including the production and distribution of adult entertainment. 

Whether you’re a literal pro in the bedroom or are new to exploring the world of sexual pleasures, there’s no harm in brushing up on a few tips and tricks. While every partner is unique, if you are getting down & dirty with men, there are a few things you might want to know.


It can be nice to sit back and enjoy being a pillow princess, but guys want to be able to lay back and enjoy the attention too. Try adding a little enthusiasm to your sex life, whether it’s initiating the intimacy to start with or playing a more active part in it.

Additionally, while things like deepthroat are on nearly every man’s sexual bucket list, you don’t have to overcome your gag reflex to make him happy! An enthusiastic, messy, sloppy bj will definitely have him feeling like a porn star.

Dirty Talk

It doesn’t have to be crazy kinky but there are plenty of ways to use your words in the bedroom! If he’s doing something right, “yes, like that” or any other positive reinforcement will make him feel good and keep him on track to making you feel good too.

When he could be doing something better, take the opportunity to lock eyes and whisper “I want it like this,” and show him how you like it.

If there’s even a subtle power dynamic at play, putting on a pout and asking for things with a “please” is sure to make his heart skip a beat.

Of course, there is an infinite selection of phrases & pet names that can intensify things further and you can ask your partner what they want to hear in bed!


There is an infinite number of kinks and fetishes, and across the years you are likely to hear plenty of unexpected ones! If a partner trusts you enough to disclose an unconventional bedroom request, then do your best to respect their honesty. If it’s something you aren’t open to, then let him know but thank him for his honesty. Communication doesn’t always result in compromise, but it’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable talking about things. 

At the end of the day, asking your partner directly is the easiest way to figure out what they are after. Don’t be afraid to make the first move or to let your wild side show, most guys love seeing you enjoy yourself. If you have your own kinky fantasies, you should tell him and be prepared to hear about his too! So next time things are getting steamy, go all in and show him how much you enjoy him, I promise he will appreciate it.

It was the classic high-school party scene; someone’s parents had left them home alone for the weekend and we had decided it would be a great time to throw a party. The neighbours raised their eyebrows as the cars started parking on the lawn. I pulled up, fashionably late like usual, and dropped my keys in the designated box for the night. The shed in the yard became a makeshift club, with a plastic folding table for the drinks. There were buckets of ice with stubbies poking out against the wall, and we repurposed someone’s guitar amp for the music. We were lucky enough to have a bonfire in a 44-gallon drum and a hundred bucks worth of marshmallows.

The night wore on and the sweet and ashy taste of marshmallows blended with the smoke in the air. Suddenly, I caught the faintest scent of something refreshing but I couldn’t place it. The guy in front of me turned around and flashed a smile and we struck up a conversation. He was newly single and I remember his mate joking that I was a step up from his ex. The wind changed direction and carried smoke and cheap alcohol across the air. Every so often I would catch that sweet, refreshing scent again and imagine it across my tongue. Amidst snatches of conversation, I would find myself daydreaming about that flavour. To my inebriated self, nothing in the world could have smelled or tasted so unbelievably wonderful.

I was still flirting with that guy when his mate came back and said something about his ex being in another relationship already. Naturally, my role in this little scandal was clear. I was all dolled up and we decided to take a photo proving he had moved on too. So, in a dress shorter than my mother’s temper, we struck a pose worthy of a centrefold.

It was while I was draped around this guy that I realised where that intoxicating scent was coming from; bubblemint gum. While his friend found the perfect photo angle, I blurted out that I love that flavour of gum and jokingly he asked if I wanted a taste. And I, never one to pass up such an opportunity, kissed him to enjoy that refreshing sweet flavour. The photo was iconic and I had the pleasure of enjoying that flavour all night long…