Experimentation with the same sex can bring various positive aspects to one’s life. Here are some potential pros:


Exploring same-sex attraction can lead to a deeper understanding of one’s own identity.


Engaging in same-sex experimentation can foster open-mindedness and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations.

Enhanced Empathy

Walking in someone else’s shoes can increase empathy and compassion towards individuals with different experiences.

Breaking Free from Stereotypes

Challenging social norms and stereotypes can lead to personal growth and empowerment.

Expanded Social Circle

By meeting people who share similar experiences, you can expand your social circle and create positive relationships. This offers a network of support for yourself and others.

Improved Communication

Engaging in open conversations about desires and limits can lead to better communication skills in relationships. This can help you navigate conversations about sexuality with those around you.

Increased Sexual Confidence

Understanding and embracing one’s own desires can boost sexual confidence and self-esteem.


Embracing same-sex experimentation can lead to living a more authentic life. Accepting your attraction means getting to know yourself better.

Supportive Community

Becoming a part of the LGBTQ+ community can provide a sense of belonging and support. This is through shared experiences and mutual respect.

Mind-Opening Experience

Experimenting with the same sex can open your mind to new perspectives and experiences that you might not have considered before.

It’s important to approach any form of experimentation, including exploring same-sex attractions, with an open heart and a commitment to understanding your feelings and desires. Remember to prioritize communication, consent, and personal comfort throughout the process. Self-awareness and self-acceptance are key factors in making the experience a positive and fulfilling one.

1. Capturing Attention

High-quality images have the ability to immediately draw the viewer’s attention, inviting them to explore further. Whether it’s a sultry glance, an alluring pose, or an evocative scene, photos have the capacity to create an instant connection with the audience. Our written bios allow for some more details but the photos are the real eye-candy. The simple eroticism of photos helps remind clients exactly what they are looking for. 

2. Bridging Language and Cultural Barriers

Photos transcend language and cultural barriers, making them an ideal tool for advertising to a diverse audience. The visual nature of photos ensures that the message is understood universally, regardless of linguistic or cultural differences. We are proud to have a diverse clientele base and photos make it easy to stay on the same page.

3. Enhancing Engagement on Social Media

Social media is a cornerstone of modern advertising, and in the adult industry, it’s no different. Photos are the most shareable and engaging content on these platforms. By incorporating compelling images, we can help share the love with as many people as possible!

4. Finding Your ‘Type’

Everybody has their type, and there’s no shame in knowing exactly what you want! High-quality photographs allow clients to see what’s in store, decide between escorts and get to the good stuff sooner! Often, these pictures are partially obscured for privacy, so you’ll have to come in-house to see everyone’s beautiful faces!

5. Getting To Know The Escort

Photographs can help clients get to know each of the escorts, what they offer and a bit about their personality; perhaps they are reaching out to warmly embrace you, or are shackled up in The Dungeon!

6. Establishing Brand Identity

We had to include this one; using consistent colour palettes, logos or styles helps create consistency. It can enhance the portfolio of an individual escort or help identify escorts as part of Harlots! This makes it easy to spot our escorts online so you know what to expect when booking.

The sex appeal of sex work is easier to convey than ever through high-quality, easily accessible photos. They allow us to convey the aesthetics, figure and personality of each escort, and allow you to imagine all the naughty things you two could get up to! We provide top-quality service in every booking, and our photos are just a teaser!

While the experience we aim to provide transcends mere sex appeal, there is no denying the drool-worthy photography that helps make it happen! Photos are such a crucial part of advertising in the adult industry for several reasons.

If you aren’t well acquainted with the terminology of sex work, reading ads or browsing profiles of escorts can be overwhelming. Let’s break down some of the common phrases you will come across.

The Basics

Starting with the basics, “escort” describes sex workers in general, but it also sometimes refers to sex workers who will come see you at your home or hotel. Don’t assume that someone who describes themselves as an escort will leave their establishment for a booking; it’s best to ask. At Harlots, we use ‘escort’ to refer to any of the people on our roster, so we use other terms to identify where they work from.

“In-call” is when clients come to an escort’s home or establishment. In-calls at Harlots Canberra take place at 2/77 Gladstone St, Fyshwick.

Conversely, “out-calls” are when escorts come to visit you at your home or hotel! They have an associated travel cost but are a great way to add to a weekend away.

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman, so profiles with this tag will showcase plus-size ladies.

Bi Double escorts refer to escorts who are ready to get down and dirty with you and another escort. Double Trouble, for less than double the price! 

Transgender escorts are usually male-to-female (m2f) individuals who display femininity but usually with male genitalia. Keep an eye out for the rare female-to-male trans escort, who presents as male but with female genitals. Sometimes, you will see references to ‘top surgery’ and/or ‘bottom surgery’ which is the creation/removal of breast tissue and modification of genitals to match their presentation. Gender-diverse escorts come in all bodies, sizes and ages, so there’s no shame in experimenting to see what you like.

Services & Extras

While there is a huge number of sex acts, kinks and fetishes (check out our A to Z list here), here are a few that are specific to sex work. All extras are at the discretion of the escort, and they aren’t identical so it’s important to talk through what you are looking for in person.

PSE is short for Porn Star Experience. This is an extras bundle that is usually high-energy and may include things like hair-pulling, spanking or deepthroat. Review each escort’s profile here to see what’s on offer.

GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience and is a great option for those seeking romance, intimacy and sensuality.

Sitting somewhere in the middle is the Naughty Girl Friend Experience or NGFE. Again, unique to each escort, but typically strikes the balance between intense and sweet.

For the thrill seeker, consider the BDSM Experiences available. You can customise these bookings by discussing it with the escort before the booking commences so that you can tailor it to what you are after.

Good To Know

To keep things clear, here are a few other things to consider when reading ads or profiles. Any of these points would be a great thing to ask the escort or receptionist when browsing; we would be more than happy to help clear things up!

Anal sex also goes by ‘Greek’ so it may reflect the ethnicity of the escort or the service they provide.

Similarly, Spanish also refers to what you might know as a ‘tit job.’

Don’t be afraid to ask who an act is to be performed on when booking; some escorts offer rimming or spanking on them but not on the client.

It is great that Harlots and sex work in general has so much to offer, but we don’t blame you for needing clarification! Reach out via text, call, or our online live chat to ask any questions. We are here to make your fantasies a reality, so let’s get started today!