My First Week as a Phone Sex Operator

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My First Week

My first week as a phone sex operator, I still recall, even though it was fourteen years ago. I remember my first call very well. It was an older man that wanted to talk about a threesome with him, me and another man. With the emphasis on him and the other man. Most callers into threesomes want two ladies, but of course you do get the bi curious ones. It was also an hour call, which gave me unrealistic expectations for how easy and profitable this career would be. Most are five to ten minutes, not an hour by any means.

Being a Phone Sex Operator

I talked to men calling my home at all hours of the day and night requesting to talk about things I’d never spoken of and revealing fantasies I’d never heard of or contemplated. Some made me laugh they seemed so absurd. One wanted me to clap my hands together repeatedly to simulate spanking noises and he’d be imagining me spanking him as I did so. Some would call to confess their same sex activities they’d never told anyone in their real lives about. Playing the therapist was very much a large part of this job. Many would call for me to humiliate and make fun of them, small penis humiliation is incredibly popular, and they would love being belittled for being so inadequate.

It was just shocking really to have perfect strangers be telling me the most private thoughts in their minds they’d never told anyone. Yet they’d tell me and others like me. I’d been afraid this would be a horrible, degrading job, but it was not. I never dreamed there’d be so much humour in it, but there is. You laugh a lot in this job, since so much is just wild to listen to. Many think we are gullible at times, since of course yes you have the small penis guys, but you have ones saying left and right they have penises over eleven inches long. Ya, I don’t think so!

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