Why People Book With Harlots

Why People Book With Harlots

Although the premise of sex work is very simple, there are infinite reasons why people choose to book with Harlots! Sometimes it is as simple as seeking physical satisfaction; a purely animalistic pleasure-seeking adventure. But sometimes there’s something more at play…

Kinks & Fetishes

Booking with Harlots playmates gives people the opportunity to experiment with things that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Having an experienced partner in the bedroom means minimising risk and maximising pleasure! Plus, we are keen to hear about any and all requests, even the ones you wouldn’t normally voice to a partner. From foot fetishes, to golden showers, to freaky role-play, we are interested! With open communication and some extra cash, we will turn your dreams into reality!


Everybody needs someone to talk to, and we are here to listen! Companionship is an integral part of sex work, sometimes more so than sex. If you want affection and connection but maybe not so much the sex, we would love to have you in for some meaningful one-on-one time. In all honesty, we will appreciate the change of pace and chance to chat.


Whether it’s your first time getting intimate with someone, or just your first time doing specifically booking, we love to share the Harlots experience with you. Let us take the pressure of your first time and lead the way. Plus, we can probably teach you a few things to take into your next adventure!

Old Dogs, New Tricks

So maybe you’re not a first-timer, but have been in a dry-spell for a while. Whatever the reason, we would love to be the ones to welcome you back to the game (and booking with us is so much easier than trying to get lucky on a date). Show us your old tricks and we will show you our new ones! 

We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional, non-judgemental space for you to explore your desires. No matter what your reason for booking with harlots is, or what your interests are, we look forward to seeing you at Harlots. 

Safe and Steady

Enjoy the pleasures of human connection without the hassle of online dating or the risks of unprotected sex. Playmates love regular clients as it allows them the time and space to form more of an emotional connection with you, which in turn will amp up the passion in the sheets. 

Convinced yet? Head back to our roster to see our playmates and book with a stunning Harlots babe!

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