Come on in and take a seat in the lounge, let’s design your perfect fantasy. Tell me everything you have ever dreamed of; all the things you’ll do to me, or let me do to you. Once we set our limits and find a safeword, I want to make your wildest dreams come true. We could do just about anything together, we could spend all night acting out your favourite scenes. Splash out on taking me to the Dungeon where I can be your perfect little pet. I’ll be at your mercy whether it’s blindfolded and gagged, tied up or pinned down… There are also toys, whips and paddles available. You could even buy one for me, or keep it as a memento of our time together.

Don’t worry if you’ve never had the chance to take control before, I would love to teach you how to be the very best dom. From how to use the different toys and tools to where I am most sensitive. It’s not all rough, hard and wild, though; sometimes the best kind of torture is the lightest touches. Those soft feather teasers can really make me writhe. Then, trace the contours of my body and feel my heartbeat under your fingertips. Press yourself up against me and listen to me beg for more.

You could dream up new scenarios for us to try next time, watch me trying to outdo myself and make you reach satisfaction.

And if hearing me whimper for you isn’t enough, there’s always dirty talk & roleplay. I’ll be anything you want; a naughty schoolgirl, your naive girlfriend, or a delightfully rebellious brat. Tell me I’ve been naughty and give me the punishment I deserve, or that I have been such a good girl to earn your attention.

I miss you already…

Prior to photograph and video content of erotic scenes and stories, written literature was a popular avenue for expressing lustful thoughts. Love letters were exchanged between couples, sometimes including graphic descriptions, drawings or photographs. Yet published works often faced scrutiny and censorship by printing companies and publishers. Despite this, D.H. Lawrence’s 1928 novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” shocked the world with its explicit language and graphic descriptions. Lawsuits, book bans and censorship debates ensued and the novel remains one of great controversy.

About The Book

“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is a tale of forbidden love and sexual awakening set in post-World War I England. The story follows beautiful Lady Chatterley, who finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage to an impotent veteran. Seeking satisfaction outside her marriage, she embarks on a passionate affair with the estate’s gamekeeper.

The Response

At the time of its publication, Lady Chatterley’s Lover was outrageously provocative. The language used was enough to make people blush but the detailed descriptions of sex were almost unheard of in published literature. Over the years, several governments banned the book including the UK, the US as well as here in Australia until 1968. 

One of the greatest changes this raunchy read sparked was the 1960 obscenity trial where the publishing house Penguin Books successfully fought for the right to publish the uncensored edition. Censorship was an ongoing social issue; some feared that unregulated publishing could break down all sense of right and wrong. Others believed that published literature was an extension of freedom of speech rights. Lady Chatterley’s Lover was defended because of its explicit nature and how it symbolised freedom of expression for other topics. The publishing of sexually explicit literature awakened a knowledge of and desire for adult material in the public. Authors were able to broaden their skills and cater to a new and growing audience.

From a publishing industry perspective, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” marked a turning point in the way adult content was perceived and handled. Having successfully challenged censorship laws, publishers were able to take risks and defend controversial works. Despite the international backlash Lady Chatterley’s Lover received initially, the years that followed saw a huge increase in the amount and intensity of adult novels.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is among the most influential pieces in publishing history precisely because of its divisive nature. While it remains censored and banned by some countries, its effect on censorship laws paved the way for adult material. Despite its paper-and-ink origins, Lady Chatterley’s Lover remains an important landmark as the sex industry continues to grapple with censorship and social advocacy in the digital age. Without these provocative pages, erotic media in all forms would likely still be subject to even greater censorship laws.

While long-term, exclusive relationships can meet our emotional needs, they come with their own costs. Sometimes it’s more practical to skip the romance and agree upon a strictly physical arrangement. Friends With Benefits, F-buddies and No-Strings-Attached, whatever the title, here’s how to keep it from falling apart.

Kicking off a new situation-ship can be a lot of fun, but sooner or later you will have to have an honest discussion about what you are both seeking from it. I opt for having that discussion SOONER. Lay out the ground rules; every dynamic will be different but they usually have a few things in common.

We Are Not Exclusive

There is nothing stopping you from seeing others and the same goes for me. In most cases, I don’t care or want to know about them and I probably won’t want to talk about my other hook ups. If you get serious about someone else, just let me know the deal is off. No hard feelings when the arrangement changes or ends!

When & Where

Depending on the circumstances, we might make some rules about when and where we get dirty. For example, we can hang out with a mutual friend together but we won’t be catching up with each other unless it’s to get freaky. Nothing even resembling a date. You can have those boundaries too! Maybe your place is off-limits because it means meeting your cat, and hey, that’s just way too personal for a no-strings-attached.

This Is Not A Movie

It’s a classic gag; two people become friends with benefits and before long, one of them catches feelings. These rules exist to stop that from happening so if you start getting butterflies, take a step back before you find yourself head over heels. This arrangement falls apart if you forget the basic premises; no strings attached!

Don’t Be Weird About It

For whatever reason, this will end and chances are we’ll still be in the same social circles. Don’t overthink things or make them messy. If you have things you want to talk about, we can talk! We are still friends, with or without the benefits. 

Good sex can be hard to come by, and you don’t have to date exclusively to make the most of a good roll in the sheets! Be honest with yourself and your F-buddy, and you might just be able to pull off a no-strings-attached deal.

There are a few unspoken agreements in the ladies’ bathroom, particularly at clubs; everyone looks stunning, no one should go to the bathroom alone and never, ever let someone text their ex. Most men underestimate the comradery we girls find as we touch up our makeup in the speckled mirror.

I went out on the town the day after a messy break-up. Long story short, myself and another lady learned we had been dating the same guy. He hooked up with yet another girl and she realised he was in not one, but two relationships. I didn’t know who else he had been two-timing, and I was just looking for a distraction. It was while I rinsed the taste of cheap whiskey out of my mouth that I heard someone crying. Of course, Girl Code means I have to check in on them. For the sake of this story, let’s call her Annie.

We had a few mutual friends, so she wasn’t a complete stranger. I invited her out to a booth in the club and we talked. Through hiccups, she told me how she risked her job dating a guy who then cheated. Even with her mascara running down her cheek, I was captivated. She was so sweet and pretty. I empathised with her and told her how angry I was at my ex too. I wish I had put the pieces together sooner but it took us quite a while before we realised we were talking about the same guy. Fuelled by emotion (and whatever that charming blue cocktail was), it wasn’t long before Annie’s mascara was smudged against my face too.

There are few things as passionate as mutual heartache and we spent the night proving we didn’t need him. I’ll never forget the way she leaned into me and whispered “You’re so much better than him” as I felt her quiver beneath my fingertips.

Joyce’s fondness for description and details leaves very little of these intimate moments to the imagination. His erotic letters to his wife Nora Barnacle were certainly never written for anyone else’s eyes. After their deaths, award-winning biographer Richard Ellmann published some of their correspondence. While the ethics of publishing personal letters is widely debated, there are few examples of such writings in history, which makes these invaluable.

Joyce’s Letters

Amidst words that could make anyone blush are sweet phrases of tenderness;

“I love your body, long for it, dream of it”

“A hundred thousand kisses, darling!

However, it is hardly the romance that makes these letters so notable. Instead, the boldness of the language sets them apart. Not only is it explicit and graphic, but the language itself is intriguing. Dated around 1909, the colloquial terms that Joyce uses to refer to various aspects of intimacy are now outdated. The term “frig,” for example, now stands in for a somewhat censored expletive but once meant ‘to masturbate’ or finger. It wasn’t just foreplay that got a vocabulary update.

Joyce writes “I was the first man that blocked you,” and to a modern reader, it suggests a falling out on social media. What it meant though, was sex and that he was her first partner in bed. It is interesting to see how language regarding sex has shifted over time.

Not everything has changed with time, though. Joyce opens up about the effect of all this erotic correspondence had:

I have done so much and so often that I am afraid to look to see how that thing I had is after all I have done to myself,” which is a sentiment many lustful men have felt.

The Replies

While Nora’s replies to these letters have never been published, it’s clear that her thirst for passion matched her husband’s. Joyce reflects “Tired of lying under a man one night you tore off your chemise violently and began to ride me up and down.”

While there are plenty of private messages I would rather not have resurface, there is a certain comforting relatability to these old letters. Throughout time, people have shared their most intimate thoughts through whatever medium was available to them. Their “wild filth and obscenity” is an integral part of human sexuality. Though I must admit, I much prefer the convenience of an instant message to the days, weeks or months between letters. 

Alongside printed material, X-rated video production echoed the social changes in the 20th and 21st centuries. Before the convenience of smartphones and on-demand streaming services, erotic recordings were subject to content and distribution regulations and depended on having access to the right playback equipment. For many teenagers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this meant creeping downstairs to use the VHS after curfew.


When the lights went down, the restrictions on TV content slackened. This presented the opportunity to run ads such as the infamous ‘Gone Wild’ commercials that encouraged viewers to pay for the full video or purchase a subscription. Despite being aimed at an adult-only audience, there were still considerable regulations about what was allowed to be aired.


As technologies like handheld video recorders enabled filmmakers to record content more easily, videos of erotic material grew in popularity. VHS was available to the average consumer and the convenience of enjoying adult entertainment from home meant producers could portray more explicit scenes than a film aimed at a general audience. Despite this, regulations imposed censorship requirements and limited distribution channels. 


The technological progress of the 1980s and ‘90s contributed to the booming popularity of erotic videos. VHS and camera technology were improving rapidly and the diversity of films available grew exponentially. Video rental stores, which are now a rarity in their own right, often dedicated a shelf to the XXX films. Exclusive adult-video-only rental stores opened as well to provide access to the huge variety of videos available. As the ‘90s rolled around, DVDs became the most popular platform for erotic material, offering better video quality and interactive menus to navigate through assorted media. Cable and satellite TV eventually relaxed their content restrictions and enabled pay-per-view adult films. The production and consumption of pornographic material became part of pop culture and erotic content brands became household names.

While still-image pornography remained popular, the rise of adult entertainment in the film industry was revolutionary. To go from taboo, printed images to on-demand TV meant a cultural acceptance of pornography in mainstream media. Even though DVDs are now considered outdated, X-rated content is frequently on the cutting edge of technological advances. This is true today, as artificial intelligence is being utilised in several fields including the production and distribution of adult entertainment. 

Putting on a good performance in the bedroom can be daunting, and some rather unrealistic expectations can get in the way of a good time. While you shouldn’t feel pressured to be some kind of sex god, there’s no harm in taking a few tips if you feel like improving! 

The Basics

Despite how common the following tips may be, there are a few basics that people always seem to forget. Firstly, no matter how awkward you might feel, asking for consent is always a turn-on. In some power dynamics or roleplay scenes, asking for permission comes quite naturally since it is paired with a title like Sir or Miss. When in more vanilla atmospheres, a simple gesture and “May I?” can work wonders.

Secondly, safe sex is good sex, so take the initiative and reach for the condoms first! It’s a relief to know that your partner is on the same page about protection. The same goes for dental dams which are used during rimming or when going down on a lady.

Thirdly, slow things down. This applies to the lead-up and during intercourse. Foreplay, and even just sharing an intimate embrace beforehand, can make the experience so much more memorable. Taking things slower can help build up pleasure for everyone involved before the finale.

With the basics out of the way, let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

Pussy Play & Fingering

Fingering is frequently remembered as a vital part of adolescent exploration, but it doesn’t have to be left in our teenage years. Mutual masturbation is a great addition to your foreplay repertoire. As with many things, less is often more in fingering, both literally and in the movements used. It’s easier to build up in intensity than it is to apologise for causing discomfort. Watching your partner please themselves and then copying that is one of the best ways to make sure they get what they like and how they like it.

Dinner At The Y

Whether you call it ‘going down,’ ‘eating out’ or any number of other nicknames, cunnilingus is one of the most popular methods of helping female partners reach the big O. There are millions of methods available, from writing the alphabet, spelling your name to tracing shapes with your tongue. However, no single strategy will work for everyone! It’s great if you have a go-to that usually works, but be willing to listen and adapt if it doesn’t work for this partner. If you don’t know where to start, ask your partner what they like and try to follow their instructions. Being willing and able to learn and customise your technique for each partner is a great skill.

Exploring Their Body

The term ‘erogenous zone’ is among the least sexy phrases in this article, but its meaning is important. Erogenous zones are places on the body that are sensitive to touch and may be stimulated to help set the mood. For example, one partner may get shivers down their spine when their earlobe is gently nibbled, while another gets goosebumps during foot rubs. Little things like that can take intimacy to a whole new level. 

If you enjoy learning how to make someone gasp and moan, then I hope this article helps you achieve that. If you would rather all of the focus be on your own pleasure, then Harlots has an abundance of stunning babes determined to make you feel like a king. We all appreciate the value of absolute pleasure and going above and beyond to make your fantasies a reality brings us the utmost pleasure.

When you’re ready to put what you’ve learnt into practice, check out our roster and make a booking. 

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous natural phenomena on the planet, but what makes it stand out? Here are 10 fun facts about the Great Barrier Reef!

1. World’s Largest Living Structure

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth, stretching over 2,300 kilometres along the north east Australian coast.

2. Visible from Space

The Great Barrier Reef is so vast that it’s visible from space! Astronauts above the Earth can see its shapes from the International Space Station.

3. Home To Thousands Of Species

The reef is home to an incredible diversity of marine life. This includes over 1,500 species of fish, 400 species of coral, 4,000 species of mollusc, and 240 species of birds.

4. Coral Spawning Spectacle

One of nature’s most extraordinary events occurs on the reef each year when corals simultaneously release their eggs and sperm into the water in an event known as coral spawning. This synchronized mass spawning usually takes place after the full moon in late spring or early summer.

5. Whale Highway

The Great Barrier Reef is a crucial migratory route for several species of whales. Humpback whales travel thousands of kilometres from Antarctica to their breeding grounds in the warm waters of the tropics.

6. Living Fossil

The coelacanth, an ancient fish once thought to be extinct for millions of years, was rediscovered in the waters near the Great Barrier Reef in 1938. This ancient fish provides valuable information on the evolutionary history of marine life.

7. Biodiversity Hotspot

The reef is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, supporting a vast array of species, many of which don’t live anywhere else on Earth.

8. Natural Navigation Aid

Indigenous peoples of Australia, such as the Torres Strait Islanders, have long used the Great Barrier Reef as a natural navigation aid, with its unique features serving as landmarks for seafaring journeys.

9. Underwater Rainforests

Just like forests on the ground, the Great Barrier Reef is a thriving ecosystem teeming with life. Environmentalists refer to coral reefs as the “rainforests of the sea” because of their rich biodiversity and complex relationships.

10. Tourist Magnet

Each year, millions of visitors flock to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel, dive, and explore its mesmerizing underwater landscapes. Tourism provides crucial support for conservation efforts and helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting this natural wonder for future generations.

    Many men face erectile dysfunction (ED) and Viagra has long been the go-to solution. Recently, Kamagra has emerged as a more affordable alternative. Both medications aim to address ED, but they differ in several aspects, including composition, accessibility, and regulatory status. 

    Defining Erectile Dysfunction

    Before delving into the specifics of Kamagra and Viagra, let’s establish what erectile dysfunction (ED) entails. ED is a medical condition characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. It can result from various factors, including physical, psychological, or lifestyle-related issues.

    Viagra: The Pioneer

    Viagra, also known by its generic name Sildenafil, was the first oral treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ED. After Pfizer released Viagra in 1998, it has been the go-to treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra functions by increasing blood flow to the penis, facilitating erections when sexual arousal occurs.

    Key Aspects of Viagra

    Composition: Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient in Viagra.

    Legality: Viagra is a prescription-only medication, which means it is only available under medical supervision.

    Effectiveness: Viagra is extensively studied and highly effective.

    Safety: When used as prescribed, Viagra poses no major risks.

    Brand Recognition: Viagra is a well-known brand, synonymous with ED treatment.

    Kamagra: The Generic Alternative

    Kamagra is a generic medication that provides a more cost-effective option compared to Viagra. It is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company. Kamagra also contains Sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient, making it functionally similar to Viagra.

    Key Aspects of Kamagra

    Composition: Like Viagra, Kamagra contains Sildenafil citrate.

    Legality: Kamagra’s legality varies depending on the region. It is available over-the-counter in some areas but may be considered illegal in others due to patent-related issues.

    Effectiveness: Kamagra’s effectiveness is generally comparable to Viagra since both contain the same active ingredient.

    Safety: Quality and safety standards for Kamagra can vary depending on where it is produced and purchased.

    Affordability: Kamagra is often more budget-friendly than Viagra due to its generic status.

    Key Considerations

    Legal and Regulatory Status: Viagra is a regulated prescription medication, ensuring medical oversight. Kamagra’s legal status varies, and it may not be subject to the same stringent regulations as Viagra in some regions.

    Accessibility and Cost: Kamagra may be more accessible and affordable for some individuals, particularly in regions where prescription medications are expensive or challenging to obtain.


    In summary, both Kamagra and Viagra are effective medications for treating erectile dysfunction. They share the same active ingredient, Sildenafil citrate, and work by improving blood flow to the penis.

    While both options pose minimal risks, if you experience ED it can be beneficial to talk to your GP about it. They can help you make an informed decision about which option aligns with your individual circumstances. Ultimately, the objective is to choose a treatment that is both safe and effective for your specific needs.

    Nestled along the stunning coastline of Queensland, Mackay often flies under the radar compared to its more famous counterparts like Cairns or the Gold Coast. However, this vibrant city holds a treasure trove of unique attributes waiting to be discovered.

    Sugar Capital of Australia

    Mackay is often referred to as the “Sugar Capital of Australia” due to its significant role in sugar cane production. The region’s fertile soils and tropical climate make it ideal for growing sugar cane.

    Beach Paradise

    With over 30 stunning beaches along its coastline, residents and visitors have ample opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

    Great Barrier Reef Access

    Mackay serves as a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most iconic natural wonders. Tourists can easily access the reef from Mackay for snorkeling, diving, and marine exploration.

    Platypus Populus

    The Eungella National Park, located near Mackay, is famous for being one of the best places in the world to spot wild platypuses. Visitors can embark on guided tours or simply keep an eye out for these elusive creatures in the park’s streams and waterways.

    Art Deco Heritage

    Mackay’s city centre shows off a remarkable collection of Art Deco architecture, dating back to the early 20th century. The heritage buildings add character and charm to the city.

    Tropical Climate

    Mackay enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. This makes it a perfect destination for those seeking sunshine and outdoor activities.

    Festival Scene

    The city hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Mackay Festival of Arts, River Sessions Music Festival, and the Mackay Show. These events celebrate art, music, culture, and agriculture.

    Bluewater Trail

    Mackay offers the Bluewater Trail, a scenic network of walking and cycling paths that wind through parks, gardens, and waterfront areas. It’s a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and families looking to enjoy nature.

    Historic Railway

    The Mackay Railway Station, originally built in 1885, is a historic landmark that reflects the city’s past as a busy railway hub. Today, the since-remodelled station serves as a reminder of the city’s transportation heritage.

    Diverse Cuisine

    Mackay’s dining scene offers a diverse array of culinary delights, reflecting the region’s multicultural population and proximity to the sea. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and international cuisines in the city’s restaurants and cafes.

    Mackay may be a quiet, Queensland secret and yet its unique charms are impossible to ignore. From its sugarcane fields and historical features to its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cultural scene, Mackay invites visitors to explore its hidden treasures and create unforgettable memories in this coastal paradise.

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