Pornography and Its Side Effects

Pornography & Its Side Effects

The effects of consuming pornography on an individual’s sex life can vary widely and are influenced by various factors, including the frequency and intensity of use, type of media, personal values, relationship dynamics, and individual differences. It’s important to note that research on this topic can be complex and sometimes contradictory, and different people may have different reactions. Here are some potential effects, both positive and negative, that have been discussed in the literature:

Potential Positive Effects

Increased Sexual Knowledge: Some argue that exposure to a variety of sexual behaviours in pornography can increase sexual knowledge and awareness. Despite this, pornography often depicts extreme, aggressive or risky behaviours.

Solo Sexual Satisfaction: For some individuals, pornography can be a source of sexual pleasure when consumed privately. Porn can also be a good icebreaker when getting intimate with someone new.

Fantasy and Imagination: Pornography may contribute to an individual’s sexual fantasies and imagination, providing inspiration for future scenes.

Potential Negative Effects

Unrealistic Expectations: One obvious concern about pornography is its contribution to unrealistic expectations about sexual performance, body image, and relationships. This can be due to exaggerated reactions, lack of protection or the cosmetic alterations people (particularly women) undergo before filming. Remember that the scenes and bodies you are watching aren’t representative of all sex scenes or bodies.

Decreased Relationship Satisfaction: For some, pornography may lead to dissatisfaction in real-life relationships, particularly if it creates unrealistic expectations. Consider talking to your partner about their pornographic preferences and how the differences may impact your sex life. It is also worth considering the content of the porn you choose to consume. Most pornography focuses on male pleasure, which means it often neglects pleasing the woman or exaggerates her responses for the viewer’s satisfaction. Consider checking out porn with a female lens, created by women for women.

Potential Addiction: In some cases, excessive consumption of pornography can lead to addictive behaviours. This is where individuals may struggle to control their use and may prioritize it over other aspects of life.

Impact on Sexual Functioning: Some evidence suggests that pornography has links with sexual dysfunction. This can be the inability to achieve or maintain an erection or premature ejaculation.

Desensitization: Some studies show that porn consumption might lead to desensitization, where individuals require increasingly extreme or novel stimuli. This may normalise violent or aggressive behaviours which can upset or hurt real-life sexual partners. 

Production: While plenty of pornography platforms promote individual, autonomous content creators, there is the possibility of inadvertently supporting porn that was not made ethically. This may come down to privacy violations, coercion or non-consent or substance use on set. While it won’t affect you directly, supporting these videos can fund further unethical practices. 


It’s important to remember that these effects can vary widely among individuals, and not everyone who consumes pornography will experience these issues. If pornography is having an impact on your sex life or relationships, consider seeking help from a mental health professional. Otherwise, go forth and enjoy the wonders of ethically produced, true-to-life pornography!

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