It’s about time you reach out; I don’t like to be kept waiting, but I am a forgiving mistress. Leave your work and worries at the door and step into MY domain. I am your ultimate escape, the perfect, powerful woman to take orders from. You aren’t the boss here, I am. So be good and follow me down the hall to the Dungeon.

I can tie you up and let you watch me enjoying myself, I want to hear you plead for me, for my body, for release. Let me make you pay; I have floggers and paddles available that create the perfect array of dull aches and sharp tingles. Or maybe I will blindfold you and tease you endlessly, edging closer and closer… All of those sensations to bring your focus back to the present, back to me and only me. Find release in your submission to me. 

And when you are craving carnal intensity, there’s the flogging frame to create the perfect pose of intimate vulnerability. Let me drag my nails across your skin before bringing my whip down smartly against you. Let it all out, every groan and sigh of pleasure dedicated to me. Beg for me, plead with me, I want to know just how much you want me. We can role-play, dress up, dirty talk, all you have to do is ask politely.

We can find an arrangement that suits you; harsh when you deserve it and tender when you need it. The perfect dynamic to bring you to breathless satisfaction. We don’t have to part ways just yet; let’s unwind together; curled up against each other’s bare skin. We can talk about things or imagine what we will do next time, or perhaps just let our breath sync up in peaceful bliss. 

Let us live out the perfect experience that is every bit as cathartic as you hope for. I’ll take control so you don’t have to, and you’ll obey your mistress because I will reward you. I know you’re busy, but you know you need me…

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