When booking an escort for the first time, it can be overwhelming! Understanding what is available can help you book; Harlots Standard Service means an erotic massage, protected oral on you, and protected sex. That is what you get in prices quoted on our Pricing page and our advertising. However, that is only a tiny part of the experience; where it really gets steamy is in Extras!


Extras are all the other services and sex acts an escort offers for payment on top of the standard booking fee. They range from cuddling and kissing to the extremes of BDSM and fetish. Every escort offers different extras and for different prices. Extras help you make the booking precisely what you want, and there is no shame in asking the escorts or our reception team if you are looking for something specific.

Some popular extras include kissing, cuddling, deep throat, oral on the escort and spanking.

Experiences: the combo deals!

Escorts often have ‘Experiences’ available too. These are like combos of extras designed to make it easier (and cheaper) for you. Every escort’s Experiences’ are unique and contain different services for different prices.

Popular ‘Experiences’ include Girl Friend Experience (GFE) and Porn Star Experience (PSE).

While we assure absolute satisfaction with every booking, choosing to try out extras is a surefire way to make your time with the escort even more exciting. From cuddling and kinks to costumes, fantasies, whips and blindfolds, our escorts offer plenty to choose from.

You can find information about extras and experiences on each escort’s page. You can also search our website for the extra you want or pick from the options at the bottom of the page like anal, BDSM, PSE & GFE. Our friendly reception team is more than happy to help you if you’re confused.