Brothels, strip clubs, gentleman’s bars and bordellos can be found practically everywhere. However, there is a tendency for adult establishments to cluster together and form what is known as a ‘Red Light District,’ though nowadays actual red lights are far less common. Take a wander through the historic and current Red Light Districts of Australia…

Sydney: Kings Cross

Kings Cross, located in the heart of Sydney, is among Australia’s most well-known Red Light Districts. In the past, it was infamous for rowdy nightlife & adult entertainment. Recently, the district has undergone significant gentrification and regulation changes, reducing its prominence as a Red Light District.

Melbourne: St. Kilda

St. Kilda, a beachside suburb of Melbourne, has a long history of being associated with the sex industry. While regulations are in place limiting the presence of street-based sex work, St. Kilda is still home to adult venues. The district also shows off a vibrant music and arts scene, making it a unique blend of cultures and lifestyles.

Brisbane: Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley, or “The Valley” for short, is Brisbane’s answer to Red Light Districts. It has a colourful history of nightlife and adult entertainment venues, making it a popular destination for partygoers and tourists alike. However, like Kings Cross in Sydney, The Valley has also seen efforts to clean up its image, leading to changes in the types of establishments present in the area. If you are further north in the Sunshine State, consider stopping by Harlots Mackay!

Perth: Northbridge

Northbridge, located in the heart of Perth, boasts a bustling nightlife and numerous entertainment options, including various adult-oriented establishments. Just across the bridge in Burswood is Langtrees Perth; a long-standing, highly regarded gentleman’s club. Northbridge has a vibrant atmosphere, with bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs attracting both locals and tourists.

Adelaide: Hindley Street

Hindley Street in Adelaide has been historically associated with adult entertainment venues, such as strip clubs and brothels. While there have been efforts to rejuvenate this area and reduce its association with the sex industry, it remains a notable location for those seeking adult entertainment options in South Australia.

Darwin: Mitchell Street

Darwin’s Mitchell Street, in the city’s central business district, has a reputation for its nightlife and adult entertainment offerings. This area caters to a mix of locals and visitors, offering various bars, nightclubs, and other adult-oriented venues. It’s worth noting that the dynamics of the sex industry in the Northern Territory differ from other states in Australia.

Canberra: Fyshwick

Fyshwick, located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), has several adult entertainment businesses, including brothels and adult shops, mixed among industrial businesses as well. The ACT has unique laws regulating the sex industry, and Fyshwick has been a focal point for these activities in the region. Of course, it is the home of Harlots Canberra, so do come say hello!

Unlike many countries where sex work is illegal or heavily restricted, Australia has a complex legal landscape that varies from state to state and territory to territory. These laws can make booking some company seem daunted, but rest assured that Harlots is licensed and law-abiding in all our establishments.

New South Wales: Decriminalisation

New South Wales (NSW) was the first Australian state to decriminalise sex work in 1995. Under the NSW framework, sex work is a legitimate occupation. Sex workers have the right to work independently or in licensed brothels, ensuring their safety and protection. This approach has been praised for reducing the risks associated with sex work and promoting the rights of sex workers.

Victoria: Licensing and Regulation

Victoria, another progressive state, adopted a licensing and regulation model in 1994. Sex work is legal when conducted in licensed brothels or as part of an individual’s sole trader business. This model aims to strike a balance between protecting sex workers’ rights and maintaining public health and safety standards. Licensed brothels in Victoria are subject to strict regulations and regular inspections.

Queensland: Licensing with Restrictions

Queensland has legalised sex work but with specific restrictions. Brothels are licensed and regulated, but street-based sex work is illegal. This approach seeks to manage the sex industry while minimising its visibility in public spaces. Queensland also has a unique “legalisation” model, distinct from NSW’s decriminalisation and Victoria’s licensing.

South Australia: Licensing and Criminalisation

South Australia operates under a licensing and criminalisation model. Brothels are regulated, and sex work is generally considered legal when conducted in licensed establishments. However, street-based sex work remains illegal in some areas. South Australia’s approach reflects a mix of legalised and criminalised elements.

Western Australia: Partial Criminalisation

In Western Australia, sex work remains partially criminalised. Street-based sex work is illegal, but private sex work and working in licensed brothels are legal and regulated. Western Australia’s laws are more conservative than other states.

Tasmania: Criminalisation

Tasmania has some of the most restrictive sex work laws in Australia. All forms of sex work are illegal except for sole operators who can work alone. Brothels are illegal, and the state has not adopted a regulated approach like Victoria or New South Wales.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT): Legalisation and Regulation

The ACT adopted a legalisation and regulation model in 1992. Sex work is legal, and licensed brothels operate under strict regulations. This approach emphasises health and safety standards and recognises sex work as a legitimate profession.

While Australia hasn’t settled on a single approach to sex work, the variation in laws from state to state and territory to territory demonstrates the complex nature of the issue. While some states have embraced decriminalization or legalization, others maintain more conservative stances. The ongoing debate surrounding sex work laws in Australia underscores the importance of continued dialogue and thoughtful policymaking. It’s crucial to consider the experiences and perspectives of sex workers when writing laws on sex work; regulated legalisation is often deemed by those in the industry as the best way to keep sex workers safe and provide access to appropriate resources.

Here at Harlots, we pride ourselves on the phenomenal selection of escorts available. This means that it is often tricky to choose between them! So why not bring your friends, book two escorts or a whole group!

Two Escorts

Plenty of Harlots escorts offer ‘doubles’ which means you can choose and pay for two escorts to see in one booking. You are the star of the show and they will both be working to please you.

If you want to watch two escorts pleasing each other, a ‘bi-double’ might be for you. By paying both escorts extra, you can enjoy watching girl-on-girl plus having them please you. Check out the escorts that offer bi-doubles here.

Two Clients

If you and a friend would like to see an escort at the same time, we can make that happen too! Look for escorts with the tag “2 Guys / 1 Girl.” If you are unsure, our reception team is happy to help. This booking is held in-house and paid per person, plus an extra which depends on which escort you would like to see. Within the booking, there are other extras that could be fun to experiment with, like double penetration and anal, so be sure to read what the escort offers and charges.


To spice up your intimate life with your partner, some escorts offer ‘couples’ bookings where communication and mutual pleasure are paramount. A couples booking is totally customisable based on the escort’s extras and your desires. It’s an excellent way to intensify the bedroom. You can find escorts that offer couples bookings here.

Group Bookings

And if these options are still not what you’re after, check out the escorts with the tag “Group bookings.” Group bookings can be a combination of the above bookings, with multiple clients and multiple escorts all involved. Have a look at each escort’s profile for extras you might want as well. Feel free to book ahead of time so they are all available. These bookings are paid per person per escort, so each client pays for time with each escort and you can share your time between them.

If you aren’t well acquainted with the terminology of sex work, reading ads or browsing profiles of escorts can be overwhelming. Let’s break down some of the common phrases you will come across.

The Basics

Starting with the basics, “escort” describes sex workers in general, but it also sometimes refers to sex workers who will come see you at your home or hotel. Don’t assume that someone who describes themselves as an escort will leave their establishment for a booking; it’s best to ask. At Harlots, we use ‘escort’ to refer to any of the people on our roster, so we use other terms to identify where they work from.

“In-call” is when clients come to an escort’s home or establishment. In-calls at Harlots Canberra take place at 2/77 Gladstone St, Fyshwick.

Conversely, “out-calls” are when escorts come to visit you at your home or hotel! They have an associated travel cost but are a great way to add to a weekend away.

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman, so profiles with this tag will showcase plus-size ladies.

Bi Double escorts refer to escorts who are ready to get down and dirty with you and another escort. Double Trouble, for less than double the price! 

Transgender escorts are usually male-to-female (m2f) individuals who display femininity but usually with male genitalia. Keep an eye out for the rare female-to-male trans escort, who presents as male but with female genitals. Sometimes, you will see references to ‘top surgery’ and/or ‘bottom surgery’ which is the creation/removal of breast tissue and modification of genitals to match their presentation. Gender-diverse escorts come in all bodies, sizes and ages, so there’s no shame in experimenting to see what you like.

Services & Extras

While there is a huge number of sex acts, kinks and fetishes (check out our A to Z list here), here are a few that are specific to sex work. All extras are at the discretion of the escort, and they aren’t identical so it’s important to talk through what you are looking for in person.

PSE is short for Porn Star Experience. This is an extras bundle that is usually high-energy and may include things like hair-pulling, spanking or deepthroat. Review each escort’s profile here to see what’s on offer.

GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience and is a great option for those seeking romance, intimacy and sensuality.

Sitting somewhere in the middle is the Naughty Girl Friend Experience or NGFE. Again, unique to each escort, but typically strikes the balance between intense and sweet.

For the thrill seeker, consider the BDSM Experiences available. You can customise these bookings by discussing it with the escort before the booking commences so that you can tailor it to what you are after.

Good To Know

To keep things clear, here are a few other things to consider when reading ads or profiles. Any of these points would be a great thing to ask the escort or receptionist when browsing; we would be more than happy to help clear things up!

Anal sex also goes by ‘Greek’ so it may reflect the ethnicity of the escort or the service they provide.

Similarly, Spanish also refers to what you might know as a ‘tit job.’

Don’t be afraid to ask who an act is to be performed on when booking; some escorts offer rimming or spanking on them but not on the client.

It is great that Harlots and sex work in general has so much to offer, but we don’t blame you for needing clarification! Reach out via text, call, or our online live chat to ask any questions. We are here to make your fantasies a reality, so let’s get started today!